Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm pleasantly surprised - with Essie, that is

Yes, I really love Winter-08 collection so far. You've seen Sexy Divide already, and today I have pictures of another purple-ish polish - Damsel in a Dress. I have to say, application was great, it's completely opaque in two coats; I've been wearing it for three days now, typing a lot, and have just a minimal tip wear. I cannot believe I'm about to write this, yet - Way to go, Essie! Keep up the good job! /chocking on words, coughing/

All right, to the pictures: /please click on the following link to read more!/

This is my favorite picture from the bunch I've taken. It's the prettiest, but, unfortunately, it's not exactly true to life. Damsel indeed has this velvety shimmer to it; yet, purple undertone is not that pronounced as on this picture.

True color is more raisin-brownish, with a hint of gray/silver:

And this is how Damsel in a Dress looks most of the time in a natural light: