Tuesday, November 25, 2008

While I'm on this topick - another Zoya

Zoya Sloane. Exactly what we all need - another gorgeous, dark, shimmery purple.

Seriously, it's just gorgeous - under the bright light, that is.

And it falls inevitably black in so-called "low light". Reality check - we live in a low lite 99% of the time.

Thankyouverymuch, dear Zoya. We needed another disappointing vampy. And speaking about disappointments - Sloane applies like a polish from polish hell (unlike Flourish polishes, by the way - they were perfect application-wise).


Monday, November 24, 2008

Zoya Flourish

I'm really late to the party, but one of the polishes got stuck in a transit.

Pic of my least favorite in this collection, Kalista

Yes, that's true - my least favorite. This is an awesome brown with lots of gold in it; very warm and wearable. For some reason word "chestnut" comes to my mind every time I look at this polish.

But both Richelle and Zara are so much cooler!

Click on the "Read more" below to see the pics.

Zara. So far, this is the one and only lilac that works with my fair yet warm skin. Usually me + lilac = The Corpse Bride.

Zara has so much multicolored gold in it that one can almost call it a duochrome. See for yourself:

Shimmer is really multicolored: in addition to gold, it has some green, purple and ...? /dunno/ in it.

Richelle. My Momma's FAIL. Epic FAIL, I'd say. (don't you think this blog quickly deteriorates into a therapist's couch substitute?) Anyway, "gold" in my Mom's book means an epitome of vulgar, especially in a form of a nail polish.

Nuh-uh. Blingy - yes. Vulgar - no.

As the rest of Flourish collection, this color is very warm. Gold is not monochromatic, but very complex. It consists of some copper, some green, some purple and...? /dunno/. Basically, Richelle = Zara - Lilac. I'm a very casual kind of girl, yet I think Richelle would look awesome paired with just blue jeans and a sweater, no fancy dress necessary.

Unlike many others nail polish fanatics, I've skipped all the reds from this collection and got just three colors: Kalista, Richelle and Zara. I already have a gazillion of shimmery reds; but if you are into them, please take a look at the great swatches here, there or there.

PS: From the swatches I've seen, Shivon seems to be a dupe of China Glaze Awakening.


My Top-20 (part 2 of 2)

Here comes the rest of my Top-20.

Risque, Misa

Meet For Drinks, Sephora by OPI

Malaga Wine, OPi

On Stage, Sephora by OPI

Yasmeen, Zoya

Just Walk Away, Renee, Lippmann

Killa Red, Rescue Beauty Lounge

Sexy Divide, Essie

Pink Camellia, Misa

Lady is a Tramp, Lippmann

I think someone here has a thing for red and purple...


Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Top-20 (part 1 of 2)

Twice a year, members of Nail Board play Top-20 game. Every members picks her 20 most beloved, most precious polishes, cast her ballot and then Nail Border Top-20 decided. The most exciting part is to share one's results with other members. I've decided to go further and to share my Top-20 (as of today, that is) with you.

Pictures posted in no particular order.

Buckle yourself up and let's get started!

Kew Gardens Wine, Elizabeth Arden:
Embroidered Emerald, Misa:

The Giving Tree, SpaRitual
Black Tie Optional, OPI: