Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I think that being a new mom - to my Purple Franken - a good enough excuse to torture you more with its pics (consider this post an official birth announcement).

First, I want to elaborate a bit on my "almost black with simmer" frustration. Imagine yourself, buying a wonderfully vampy polish, all shimmery and seductive. You apply it and then - bam - it's flat black. Or almost flat black. Your husband answers to an inevitable question "How do you like this one" with an honest yet disappointing "Well, honey, but I wore it yesterday. It's the same one, right?". And an innocent creature is almost right: it's almost the same polish.
Zoya Sloane
OPI Black Cherry Cutney
OPI Eiffel for this Color
Essie Groovy Grape
... I can keep going...
It's Black Cherry Chutney. Bit it could easily be any of the mentioned above polishes, and even their Polish Mama would not be able to tell them apart.

So, I saved myself some money (and frustration) and created The Purple:

Honestly, I think it's flippin' gorgeous.
You don't think so? Well, bite me! We all entitled to our opinions.

Crappy shadow picture:

It's not that gorgeous, yet it definitely has some color, as opposed to black. In reality, it looks kinda grey/silver-purple in a shadow, 'cause I was way too generous with a silver (Easel Come Easel Go).

OK, you can enjoy my baby, while Momma is going to rest in a delivery room. /Harsh reality - back to work/