Sunday, August 16, 2009

OPI DS (Designer Series) Mystery

About a month ago nail polish world became agitated about the newest addition to OPI DS family - promo pictures promised a long-awaited purple.

I was able to get my hands on a mystery Mystery. Well, let me tell you: if you expected a purple holo, you're up for a big disappointment. It's not a holo; and it's not exactly purple. For me, DS Mystery is what I wanted Sephora OPI Never Enough Shoes to be.

Mystery is almost black and loaded with millions of tiny gold scales. Unlike other DS polishes, it's not a smooth holo, but somewhat gritty glitter. /side note - do you see any similarities between this picture and a OPI stock image? I don't/
My guess, it's as badass as OPI can actually get. Not exactly edgy, but cool enough. After the Espana collection (aka yawn inducer in my book) I'll take it, thankyouverymuchsuzi.

Under natural light Mystery looks like a very, very dark brown. Base color is actually dark, inky purple, but polish certainly doesn't look like it.

I like this type of glitter: not smooth, yet not scratchy either. Here, I dissolved a base color to show the gold particles:
Rather ugly picture of one coat, freshly applied, to show the base color:

It's purple, right? Too bad it doesn't look like one after a second coat.

I think this one would be an awesome choice for those of you who like clubbing - for some reason, Mystery looks wonderful under artificial light. Golden sparkles turn into brown, red and purple ones; and polish itself looks way more purplier (is it a word?):

More pics, just because I've already edited them:

All in all, it's a good color with a very decent application. When I saw a bottle, my heart skipped a bit: Mystery looked like a magician's cloak: velvety-purple with golden stars. In reality=on my nails it's not even close to this Dumbledore-ysh color; yet, I'll probably keep it.