Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A little tribute - why not?

Here is to the loveliest NB-er - Hill78.

For starters, we started our polish obsession at the same time - we've registered on MUA the same month, just couple days apart.
Second, Hill truly is as nice as it gets.
Last but not least - she loves Misa as much as I do (or even more, for her Misa stash is waaaaay bigger than mine).

I believe, she likes Fuchsia Love and still does not own this color. Hill, run and get it - it's as fabulous as you are. /so much pathos... I know, I know - I'm too emotional.../

It's a fuchsia shade (duh - the name kinda suggest it), but with a wonderful copper undertone.

I busted my camera off to capture the copper hue; and I'm somewhat happy with the results:

/look at the left lower corner - can you see copper?/

Copper is obvious on the nails under very extreme angles only. If you don't want to bend you finders rather whimsically, you get just a hint of the copper hue. It adds a nice warmth and depth to the color.

And here is a pretty true bottle color - just for reference.

Hill, are you convinced yet?

Application - 5
Opacity - 5

PS: What if she already has FL? It would be an embarrassment tribute then, but I hope for the best.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dupes: Girl Next Door and China glaze Pink-Rox-e

One of many reasons to love Misa is uniqueness of their colors. In spite of that, there are some dupes around.

The first one I want to talk about is a lovely pair: Girl Next Door and Pink-Rox-e by China Glaze.

Comparison Pic:
GND has a salmon hue in its base, while PR is a pure pink. Also, PR has a more obvious golden shimmer; shimmer in GND is very subtle, it's more of gold infusion than shimmer.

Bottles close-up (this is ChG mani):
As much as I love Misa, I have to admit that PR formula is much better. No streaks, even application, bottle color achived in 2 coats.

Pink-Rox-e is discontinued color. If you want a readily available alternative - get yourself Girl Next Door.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Misa Pinks - shimmer

I myself prefer cremes over shimmer. There are, though, really nice pink shimmers I want to review.

Funky Punky Pink. Not my kind of pink at all: it's way too pearly and a bit on a colder, silverish side. Color itself is very... basic (dare I say - average?).
Application - 4 (can you see streak marks?)
Opacity - 5

Luminous. Pale pink, loaded with a delicate gold shimmer that makes this polish - that is - literally luminous.
Application - 3. Streaky mess, required 3 thick coats to cover up uneven patches.
Opacity - 4. I don't like three-coaters.

Girl Next Door. My less favorite in this batch. First, I think this color is hard to pull off. It clashes with most skin tones, looking like a bandage on some or like a dusty orange on others. Shimmery bastard for sure disliked me back and spilled all aver my husband's desk, where I do most of my swatching (by now I've learned to keep off the carpet and moved to hardwood-covered areas).
Application - 5.
Opacity - 2. 4 coats required to achieve the bottle color.

Looking For Trouble. Bright magenta, infused with multicolored micro-shimmer. Perfect for sunny days, fun and sparkly. My only complaint is the opacity, or lack thereof.
Application - 5
Opacity - 4 - three-coater yet again.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Here is a question - where to buy?

It is, actually, the question.

I hardly pay full retail price for a nail polish ever since I've discovered a beauty of etailers. I really don't see a point in paying almost twice the etailer's prices. Usually I try to stay calm, smooth and reasonable and make a big online order once in a while. It's all sounds good, sure, but sometimes girl just needs an instant gratification. You know, when you have this irresistible nail polish urge (and you do know it if you read this blog). Or you just need this particular color - just this one, and no more polish for a month!

Sad enough, there is no instant gratification with Misa. I do not know any single retailer who carries this brand. Hence, in a case of polish emergency one just has to resort to a donut, or chocolate, or any other pleasantly unhealthy food of choice. If you really into a healthy lifestyle, there is no other choice but Ulta or Sally's, or whatever you favorite retail spot is. Where (I'm aware of repeating myself) you won't find a single bottle of Misa.

There is always a chance to find something interesting - nail-wisely, yes - in nail salons in your area. Again, this is not the case with Misa. I've seen the only salon in my area carrying Misa. And - guess what - it was going out of business. I've been asking salon owners why they don't use this brand. "This is cheap stuff, my clients won't like it" - there is a typical answer. How come "cheap" equals "bad"? /There should be a long tirade about the power of brand-names, brainwashing marketing etc, but I'll spare you the pain/

So, Misa fans are left to the mercy of etailers. Two of them carry the brand: head2toebeauty.com and transdesign.com. As you can see, head2toe maintains a better selection. Transdesign does not have newer collections like "Sugar Sugar", but they ask cheaper price. Color representation sucks are misleading on both sites.

I've been to Transdesign in Atlanta, so I know for sure - they have colors listed as "not available" or not listed at all. If you want to make an order, you'd better call and ask them. If somebody will be willing to go and check it out for you, which is... unlikely.

PS: I'm not affiliated to any of mentioned etailers/retailers.


Misa pink

We have a Pink Summer this year. Almost any major player on a nail polish field has came up with pinks. Some are great, some are just average. I managed to keep myself from a shopping spree and did a stash shopping instead.

What did I find? OK, here goes Misa Pinks, part 1 - cremes.

A Little More - you can see obvious blue shimmer in the bottle, but it looks like a creme on the nails.
Application - 5
Opacity - 5

Tender Pink - not so tender, really. It's even brighter IRL.
Application - 5
Opacity - 5

Kiss Me Now - wonderful jelly-like finish and unique color with a hint of orange.
Application - 5
Opacity - 5
Stain alert! Base coat is a must.

Pink Camellia. Do I need to say anything? I don't think so. Oh, yeh - this one is a real stainer.
Application - 5
Opacity - 5
Staining power - incredible.

Simmering pinks are coming!