Saturday, June 14, 2008

Misa Pinks - shimmer

I myself prefer cremes over shimmer. There are, though, really nice pink shimmers I want to review.

Funky Punky Pink. Not my kind of pink at all: it's way too pearly and a bit on a colder, silverish side. Color itself is very... basic (dare I say - average?).
Application - 4 (can you see streak marks?)
Opacity - 5

Luminous. Pale pink, loaded with a delicate gold shimmer that makes this polish - that is - literally luminous.
Application - 3. Streaky mess, required 3 thick coats to cover up uneven patches.
Opacity - 4. I don't like three-coaters.

Girl Next Door. My less favorite in this batch. First, I think this color is hard to pull off. It clashes with most skin tones, looking like a bandage on some or like a dusty orange on others. Shimmery bastard for sure disliked me back and spilled all aver my husband's desk, where I do most of my swatching (by now I've learned to keep off the carpet and moved to hardwood-covered areas).
Application - 5.
Opacity - 2. 4 coats required to achieve the bottle color.

Looking For Trouble. Bright magenta, infused with multicolored micro-shimmer. Perfect for sunny days, fun and sparkly. My only complaint is the opacity, or lack thereof.
Application - 5
Opacity - 4 - three-coater yet again.