Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A little tribute - why not?

Here is to the loveliest NB-er - Hill78.

For starters, we started our polish obsession at the same time - we've registered on MUA the same month, just couple days apart.
Second, Hill truly is as nice as it gets.
Last but not least - she loves Misa as much as I do (or even more, for her Misa stash is waaaaay bigger than mine).

I believe, she likes Fuchsia Love and still does not own this color. Hill, run and get it - it's as fabulous as you are. /so much pathos... I know, I know - I'm too emotional.../

It's a fuchsia shade (duh - the name kinda suggest it), but with a wonderful copper undertone.

I busted my camera off to capture the copper hue; and I'm somewhat happy with the results:

/look at the left lower corner - can you see copper?/

Copper is obvious on the nails under very extreme angles only. If you don't want to bend you finders rather whimsically, you get just a hint of the copper hue. It adds a nice warmth and depth to the color.

And here is a pretty true bottle color - just for reference.

Hill, are you convinced yet?

Application - 5
Opacity - 5

PS: What if she already has FL? It would be an embarrassment tribute then, but I hope for the best.