Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Calling all closet emos

I've been waiting impatiently for the Fall to come. Am I the only one? Anyone? Can you hear me? I want to wear my beloved vampies and do not look like I have problems fitting in.

OK, people, I have to admit: I would never be hired by certain companies, for I have minor problems with an uber-sunny attitude (more specifically - lack thereof). Pink and neon summer we've been having is great for sure, but I'm just a bit tired. Tired of smiley surfer dudes wearing shorty pants and tired of their fluorescent-painted girlfriends, all mod about brights.

All in all, I decided to break open my untried bottle of Misa Stiletto. And I don't care if I look like a prematurely aged emo, wearing this color in the middle of summer.

It's a deep, deep dark brown with a clotted-blood-red base. It's broody, moody and surely capable of a statement. Yes, I'm talking about Stiletto, not about Hugh Laurie.

Enough talk, here it goes -

Full sunlight:

Partial shade:

Glossy beauty, isn't it?

Application: 4 (a bit streaky)
Opacity: 5

PS: I'm going to take it off tomorrow. Today a really nice girl in a local coffee shop asked, staring at my nails: "Honey, how are you? Hanging in there?" I don't want to scare nice Atlanta gals - at least for a while.