Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Duochromes, part one of...?

Don't ask me what's my favorite Misa polish; unless you want to hear tiny "bop-bop-bop", accompanying my brain exploding. I do know, thou, what is Misa signature - it's duochromes. Duochrome in a nail world means color-changing polish. One can see two - or more - different colors under different angles, depending on lighting. Change can be rather dramatic (from lilac to green, for instance) or within the same color range (from a pale pink to a dark pink).

Haute Hippie is a part of a great Misa duochrome collection. Not the best example, in my humble opinion. Beige color is very anemic, or should I say boring and non-flattering?
Pink face of this polish is OK...yeh, just OK:
/I'm biased - I hate three-coaters and this one is really, really sheer. 4 coats to achieve the bottle color./

Bojangles, on the other hand, (no pun intended) is one of my summer favorites. Flashing from a very wearable metallic orange to a hot pink. Epitome of a fun summer color.
Wearable, right? And orange is difficult to pull off - for me at least.

And for desert today - beautiful Foxy and Folksy. From a colder lilac to spectacular golden amber. Can you believe this is the same polish?
Bonus: it's a dupe of hard to find OPI Merryberry Mauve. I have them both, and like Misa better. Not that I'm biased...

To be continued.