Monday, July 21, 2008

Misa Fall

Where do I begin?

First of all - this is an amazing collection. Unique colors (except for one, but I'll talk about it later) with a very decent application.

I start with the one I was sure would be my favorite - Love Bite. It's the only creme in entire collection; and to my surprise, I'm not so fond of it. It's not exactly a creme, it's closer to a jelly finish (= a bit tricky to apply). Love Bite is a good Fall color, but it's kinda ordinary.

As you can see, it's close to Essie Clutch me if you can; Misa's Stiletto; and, I suspect, many more vampies out there.

Dying Love. I hope gray lovers will be thrilled. It has an obvious yet sophisticated shimmer to it (mother of pearl-y), it's neutral on a warm side and completely opaque in one coat. I love a bit of a green-blue hue:

Can you see a distinctive green hue in the bottle?

Forbidden Lust. Fall version of my favorite Fuchsia Love. Purple with a hint of bronze. It reminds me of Zoya Jasmeen (I'm planning to post comparison pics in a couple of days).

Looks a lot like Jasmeen, right? But formula is much, much better.

Here comes three winners:

2nd place - Fatal Affair. Amazingly rich, velvety eggplant, loaded with multicolored microshimmer. Love, love, love this one!

1st place is a tie. I could not decide which one is better!
Toxic Seduction. Deep yet muted emerald. Imagine emerald with a sexy 5 o'clock shade - this would be Toxic Seduction (yes, it's difficult to imagine emerald with a razor, shaving, but I cannot come up with a better metaphor). See for yourself:

Second pic with a flash, to show off an amazing glow:

A Sin Worth Committing instantly hit the highest mark among all my blues. It's deep, it's velvet-like, it has a great aqua shimmer. Reminds me of Misa retired oldy - Blueberry Glaze, but without purple note. Sin totally kick my beloved Witch's Blue, let alone YGTTB by OPI.

Well... I would say it's a total recovery from rather blah Sugar Sugar collection. Formula seems a bit drippy (give me my bad chemicals back, Misa!), but all of them apply really well.

Please excuse my messy application, I was excited like... I don't even know, like who.

PS: All polishes are courtesy of Misa Cosmetics. Thank you so much!