Thursday, July 31, 2008

Duochromes, part two of...?

Well, technically, this polish is not even a duochrome. It's a deep burgundy with aqua-teal-blue shimmer; but this shimmer is so strong that one really can call this amazing concoction a duochrome.

One of my favorite polishes - it's definitely on my top 5 - and one of the best Misa's creations ever. Embroidered Emerald, ladies and gentlemen (mostly ladies, I guess).

This nail polish is absolutely flawless: color, consistency, application - everything is perfect.

Enough words, though.

I made this picture to show off an amazing blue undertone of EE. It's visible under very extreme angle only, but the blue is superb; it reminds me about peacock feathers or maybe blue silk - very exotic kind of blue.

This picture has been taken with ridiculously exaggerated flash - this is why polish looks patchy. Flash brings out both teal shimmer and burgundy base.

And this is how Embroidered Emeralds looks like in normal daylight:

I hope that Misa will never, ever discontinue one of the best colors ever created. I'm going to get a back-up bottle, though - better safe than sorry.