Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reader request:

This is for MUAer Shadowline, who wanted to take a closer look at Fatal Affair. Well, this polish is definitely worth looking at!

Indoor/in shadow shimmer is barely visible, and it looks like you wear a very dark, even blackened purple creme. Something like OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight, I would say:

Sunlight brings out gorgeous multicolored shimmer: you can see pink, blue and lilac.

It is multicolored, indeed, but it's not garish by any stretch of imagination.

Last pic is a bit off focus (well, it's well off focus), but I believe it wonderfully represents reach, velvety color.

By the way, I don't think this one has a dupe. It somewhat close to Flair by Sally Hansen (Scrangie has a great picture), but FA is much deeper and has less obvious shimmer. And certainly, it's not a re-do of Misa Dreamy Purple.