Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've been looking for a purple...

No, for The purple. I wanted a deep, deep, shimmery purple which won't look black in a low light. /"Low light" is a Nail Board apologetic euphemism for a normal indoor lighting. Use in a sentence: "It's a nice color, but looks almost black in a low light..."/ Is it too much to ask? Judging by a little purple graveyard in my polish rack - yes. They all pretty, but you have either use a magnifying glass or stick your nails into your eyes to see the shimmer.

So, I've given up on manufacturers and made my own!

I don't have a shadow pic (yet), but I swear: it looks purple indoors, not black.


- unlabeled OPI for a base (I suspect it was Buffalo Berry)
- several drops of Misa I Will Survive (black)
- some Misa Sin Worth Committing (deep blue)
- Color Club Groove Tang (blackened purple)
- a lot of Finger Paints Make a Scene (neon pink, no kiddin')
- some random Finger Paints red
- a lot of Finger Paints Easel Come Easel Go (way too much...)
- a bit of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in South Sea Pearl

...bat jerky and a unicorn hair?

I'm ridiculously happy with a result. Will post better pictures lately, a lot!

Special thanks to my Husband the Dearest, who provided much needed mixing balls (BB gun pellets).