Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thinking outside the box mani, part one

All normal people experiment in college. All but me. I was a perfect teenager: straight As, no acid-colored hair and acid addictions. Same in college: I had no time to experiment, since I was way too busy with my grades, a job and a bunch of destructive, yet somehow "normal" relationships. According to Husband the Dearest, I'm having a teenager - rebellious, in-your-face teenager - phase right now, in my thirties (yuck!). Well, I've decided to live up to my reputation for once, and performed a series of experiments with colors. I did "totally-not-me" manicures, in colors that would normally scare me off.

Part One, China Glaze Emerald Sparkle.
Wow. Wow, wow, wowza. I don't care for green - at all. I don't have any single green item in my wardrobe. Yet, this polish somehow managed to mesmerize me. It's an absolute driving hazard: I just cannot stop staring at my nails.

Sparkly, green goodness, showing a bit of a teal side in some lighting.

As much as I love the polish, I'm still not sure if it works with my coloring. At some moments I think - "It's a pure perfection!"; at some - "Boy, I look like a pasty-sparkly frog, who desperately needs to see a vet". .

What do you think, gyus? Frog, or perfection, or a perfect frog?