Thursday, November 12, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze Pom Pom

OK, I have a first disappointment with China Glaze glitters. Pom Pom looked very promising in a bottle: deep, sophisticated mauve-lavender with some pink. Yep, in the bottle it looks like that (click on the pic, it's pretty):

But. But. On the nails it's just bright, very sparkly pink. Peeeeeeenk. A kind of pink that says "Oh hai, my totally pink ipod is totally, like, loaded with all Taylor Swift albums". The name - Pom Pom - is good, for it really has some cheerleader-y vibe to it. /no offense to cheerleaders/

Jelly-like base is full of tiny pink and silver dust-like glitter; and bigger round pink and silver glitter. Bigger ones look like pink/silver freckles - adorable.
It is certainly pretty, but it doesn't have much to do with a bottle color. Booo.

Bling is insane. If you like sparkly polish - grab this one.

I'm season-blind when it comes to nails polish: I wear vampies during GA Summer and love me some pink in November; but even to me Pom Pom seemed a bit off. So I slapped a coat of Matte About You on it. Love the results:

PS: I'm writing this post instead of working on a paper for my macroeconomics class. Monday is a deadline; and I have just one paragraph written. I decided I need to make a bargain with myself: as soon as I finish the damn paper, I will file down my nails and do a nice vampy mani - Misa Dreamy Puple. Please cheer me on, guys; I need to get it done - each day late is one letter grade penalty. Oy. I'm back to Macro.