Monday, November 16, 2009

NOTD: Misa Dreamy Purple

It's purple. I don't know who dreams purple, but this one is certainly a dream material:
It has the same glowy quality to it as Nubar Pasadena Purple, but without a frosty finish I personally dislike.

Color probably is the most accurate on this picture, especially on the bottle (don't forget to enlarge so you can see the amazing multicolored shimmer):
This purple has so much glow to it, it's almost neon, if it makes sense to you.

Application was good - I didn't need to do any clean up at all. My only complaint - the formula is on a runny side; 3 coats were necessary for me.

PS: Yep, I filed my nails down; but if you think my paper is done, you are mistaken.