Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Couldn't come up with a good title for this post -

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my blogging latelingy. I feel like I'm doing not even a half-ass, but a quarter-ass job. The thing is, I have a lot going on in my non-polish life. For instance, I finally got accepted to the university. The program I chose is very competitive, demanding and time-eating. I really love straight "A"s; that definitely means even less time for blogging.

Yep, you can call me a blood traitor, for I'm going to trade nail polish for the concepts in federal taxation and such. I'm about to start a very intense and exciting May-mester.

Why didn't I simply delete my blog? Well, I hope some of you still read me via Google reader, so you'll be able to read it after I delete; I feel like I owe you some sort of explanation.

I have 90 days to change my mind. I might as well do that; I'm indecisive (except when it comes to buying a purple polish).

Happy polishing, y'all! Thanks for reading me!