Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sitting on the beach, naked…

Don’t get me wrong: I have not joined a nudist colony. I just got 3 unexpected days on a beach; and forgot to pack my base and top coat. My nails are naked, that’s it. And to think that I have planned a deliciously garish mani/pedi combination: Finger Paints Gift of Gold and Misa Six Pack Summer!

Random beach observations:
- Sand exfoliates rough cuticles effortlessly.
- Beach or no beach, I dislike a look of a French pedicure. Sorry, nothing personal.
- Ocean water makes one’s nail stronger and whiter.
- People who bury cigarette butts in the sand are morons.

Being as a devoted picture spammer as I am, I will post at least a pseudo-NOTD:
Surprisingly good picture of Misa's Six Pack Summer. Traffic cone neon!

Finger Paints Gift of Gold - red-based, hence, very warm gold (duh!)

Please excuse my rather yellow tips. No base coat to cover ugly stains.