Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My mini-haul and NOTD - Lilac Lagoon by Finger Paints

I've been on a very strict budget lately; but I caved yesterday - no willpower here - and bought two Finger Paints polishes.

First one is Lilac Lagoon, from a recent Finger Paints Summer collection.
Pale, yet warm lavender, loaded with teeny golden scales - very similar to ones in Elizabeth Arden Vincenza Raspberry.

I'm not a big fan of pales, let alone lilacs - usually I cannot pull such colors off; they make me look like a corpse. Not this one, apparently.
This polish is really sheer.I'm a habitual 3-coater, so I did three coats. Bad decision - I left two coats on my pinky, just for a comparison sake, and I like it much better than 3 coats.

If you are a nail polish fanatic, you sure know that Finger Paints is a great alternative to the expensive "salon" polishes. They are reasonably priced ($4.59, as I recall); before they went good-chemical-free, they had one of the best formulas available. Now Finger Paints polishes are Big-3 free (too bad!) and formula is a bit inconsistent, fluctuating from great to drippy-crappy. I've got a good bottle, thou.

Magenta Mood is a recent addition to their core collection. It's a bright, sparkle-loaded red, a bit on a cool side (magenta is supposed to be cool, right?). I do not have a mani pic of this one, just the bottle pics:
Small orange-amber-god particles offset the coolliness of magenta really nicely, so even the Warmy Warmerson like myself can wear this color.
It's my current pedicure, and I love it. I think it's too loud for a summer manicure, so to the back burner it goes, till Fall is here. For some reason, Magenta Mood reminds me of a cranberry pie - hello, my future Thanksgiving mani!

Another pic, blurry and not very accurate color wise, but showing the sparkles: