Thursday, May 14, 2009

Misa Honeybunch

Well, this semester is behind me. I'm an A student. Yes, I'm smug, smug enough to brag about my grades on a nail polish blog. You have no idea how smug I am. My straight As took very serious elbow grease, brain kind; and total mani negligence. For about 2 weeks I had been sporting the same manicure - Misa Honeybunch.

Not my cup of tea. At all. I do not like sheers; I do not like sparkly sheers. But boy, this polish wears like iron. Two weeks, no kidding. Of course, I had some chipping by the end on a first week. I had no time to care about chipping, thou.

Aside from sheer practicality, Honeybunch is pretty. It looks white-silverish on my pictures, but in reality it consists of multicolored microsparkles. Think blond sister of OPI Princesses Rule. I bet it will work wonderful for layering over dark polishes.

Mmm... too bad it's not my cup of tea.