Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh damn you, Ji Baek!

I was so, so over Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes, so obnoxiously priced and obnoxiously named ("Frugalista" for $18? oh, pweease). Totally over, I swear. Typical case of sour grapes. Rescue Beauty Lounge is kinda Robert Pattinson of the nail polish world: unequivocally gooooood and unequivocally out of my league - I cannot get my hands on either of them. Pattinson is not for sale, as far as I'm concerned; and I do not have money for Baek's concontions - at the moment.

And then I reached for my box of untried polishes. And found RBL Recycle - it was a very sweet and absolutely unexpected Christmas gift from a fellow polish fan, KathyWA.
/direct sun/

Yep, I'm that big of a chicken - I've waited since Christmas to wear this green. I'm an idiot; because it's a perfect polish. Perfect. I'm in love with this brand - again.

Unbelievably glossy. Dark, yet never black or dreadfully "almost black".

I try to be as objective and honest as possible while reviewing polishes, but I couldn't find anything to be improved upon. Butter-smooth application, perfect coverage with 2 thin coats.

Kathy - again - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ji - I don't like you. Your polishes are just...mean.