Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bless the Fall

Finally, it has arrived. True, it's still hot here, in Atlanta (darn electrical bills!). Yet, we can already sleep with a window open, air smells like Fall; and maples are morphing from green to purple.

To celebrate the season - three colors I enjoy for Fall.

Misa, Sepia Stained Cotton. Hot chocolate lacking some milk and definitely loaded with chocolate. Some bronze sparkles and a hint of green shimmer.
I have to tell you about an application: it was awesome, flawless, perfect - I can keep going like this for a while. Practically, this polish just applied itself. Two coats to achieve a bottle color. Love!

RBL Drifter. Glossy, deep, vampy purple. Signature-perfect application.
Just a litle problem - it chipped in 24 ours, sharp. I know that nothing is perfect in this world, but still - one can expect some durability for $18 a bottle.

Sephora by OPI, On Stage. Oh my, I love this color: muted, dusty purple with a hint of lilac-y gray. My description may stink like patchuly, but I swear - nothing momsy about this color.
The only drawback is an application. Goopy hunk of a mess. Person with average manicure skills (I'm modest, aren't I?) might just throw the bottle in the trash. Booo! The color is worth an every painful brushstroke, thou.