Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Horrible truth about RBL top coat revealed!!!!!! Click here to find out more!!!!

As my readers (anyone out there?) might know, I've been having issues with a bad tip wear of my precious Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes.

Recently I was given a RBL top coat as a present (thanks again, Diann!) Well, I have to tell you: it improves the wear tremendously. I'm on my third day with Au Chocolate; have been typing lake a mad typist all the time; and still not a hint of a tip wear. Sad, but looks like you need to buy the $16 top coat (or even $48 treatment system) to get a good wear out of RBL polishes.

Couple of words about the top coat. Short disclaimer: I do not do regular top coats, just fast drying ones; I have a life, you know. RBL top coat is not a fast drying treatment; neither a self-leveling, unlike Seche Vite or Poshe. It does, thou, yields an incredible, glass-like, hard glossy finish. A great way to refresh a dull mani. A bit expensive for a refresher coat? Oh, yes. But if you are a heiress - why not?