Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sephora OPI - I'm late to the party, but still want...

...to share my 2 cents. Or, more likely, $27. Yep, these polishes are $9 a pop.

I wasn't excited about Sephora by OPI. For starters, I'm a bit of a snob in a twisted anti-snob way: I hate exclusives, limited editions etc. Price tag did not make me happy either.

But being as Curious George as I am, I swapped for a couple of bottles and now I have to admit - I like these polishes.

First of all, brushes in Sephora OPI are normal, old-time OPI brushes (as opposed to the Pro-Wide mops).
Second, application was really good for all three colors I have.
Third, I like the colors. In my opinion, OPI has achieved a very nice balance between edgy and wearable. Good comeback after France collection, as boring as it gets.

To the pictures.

I'm With Brad. Vampy red creme; very, very blackened. Unlike most blackened polishes, it doesn't look black indoors, but shows its red nature. Under a bright light it just glows. I'm not a big fan of shimmers, but I do like I'm With Brad.

Run With It. Great example of a wearable edge-ness or edgy wearabless. Grey-beige, appropriate for a non-conservative office, yet very trendy. Note a delicate shimmer: it reminds me of a concrete mixed with glistening gold sand. /gah! that's corny!/
Please excuse a sloppy Konad job.

Call Your Mother. Elegant, muted, sophisticated pale purple. Looks like a wilted lilac flower. And, somehow, reminds me about signature IKEA meatballs gravy - creamy, glossy, naturally looking and totally unhealthy (in this case - for your account).

Bottom line: these polishes are worth looking at. Despite the crazy price tag, they are extremely popular, so hurry if you want to get any colors from a limited edition (yuck!) Autumn & Eve Fall collection.