Wednesday, February 11, 2009

College Algebra vs Nail Polish - a battle of the year

Yes. I thought it would be like King-Kong vs Godzilla or Alien vs Predator. Harsh reality: College Algebra wins. To the extent of me running around with chipped nails. So, it's more like Godzilla vs Little Stuart. That means I will spare you my annoying bubbling and go right to the business.

Misa Persian Carpet
Wonderful purple:
It's a very, very warm color. It actually has a strong amber cast to it, visible under the certain angles only (of course! - certain angles, certain lights...grrr).

Golden Thread. Rusty-brownish red. More of a Fall color, but who cares if it's beautiful:

These two colors are from the same "Fabric" family as the spectacular Embroidered Emerald, Brocaded Burgundy, Crimson Damask and Sepia Stained Cotton.

I was looking up those names for you and found out that Embroidered Emerald has been discontinued. Utter shame. Fortunately, Misa people seem to listen to us, humble customers. So if you want this color back - and I sure do - contact Misa and let them know.