Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sophistication. I haz it.

...and let me show you how it's done.

Rescue Beauty Lounge, Bruised.
Old news, I know.

This color is hard to describe. Cocoa with raisins? Muted plum? Raisins without the cocoa? All in all, I do not have any dupes for Bruised in my stash. Cousins - yes: SpaRituals The Giving Tree, Sephora OPI Call Your Mother and On Stage, to name a few. Siblings, let alone twins, - no. It's a tad (or two tads) lighter than it appears on my picture; but this pic is the most color accurate tone-wise.

Unlike most RBLs, Bruised gave me some troubles - its formula seemed to be both runny and glue-ish, if it makes any sense. It is, thou, highly pigmented - if it was not for the weird formula, I could get away with just one coat.

This color is perfect by itself, but I decided to konad it anyway. $OPI On Stage for the design, and I got this:

For some reason, this manicure reminds me of Good Old England. Tea parties, tea roses, wide-brimmed hats, Pym's novels, fox hunting and an old lady flannel undies. I told you - I have sophistication.

PS: This is not spit on my nails. You should know me better to know that I know better than spit on my precious nails. It's Oh So Wet top coat decided to get bubbly on me. Suggestive name probably explains its ugly behavior, but it's another story, for another post.