Thursday, March 12, 2009

China Glaze Summer Days collection

Boy, China Glaze did a wonderful job. I have just two colors from the collection, but they are truly Summer in the little bottles. I've been incredibly down lately; and Orange Marmalade and Strawberry Fields worked much better than any anti-depressant.

Orange Marmalade. This is my very first orange ever. For some reason I was sure orange did not work with my coloring. I guess I was wrong?

Very intense orange, but without being garish. I think creamsicles, fluffy beach towels and sun-highlighted hair.

Happy color for sure:
I love how it sparkles, infused with tiny golden flecks
/Can you tell I'm exited?/

Strawberry Fields.
Pink. Bright, cheerful pink, mixed with myriads of golden sparkles. Fairy dust, butterfly dust - I don't know.

I'm amazed to admit it, but I prefer Orange Marmalade. It has more summer in it, if you know what I mean; Strawberry Fields is a bit on a spring side (nothing wrong with spring, I just miss summer).

Formula-wise, both applied very decent, even thou they are a bit sheer - I used 3 generous coats.

PS: Swatches of the whole collections are available here, at Scrangie's.