Thursday, March 12, 2009

Elizabeth Arden Vincenza Raspberry vs China Glaze Strawberry Fields

There been rumors circulating in a polish world about Strawberry Fields being a possible dupe of much coveted and long-discontinued Vincenza Raspberry. Sorry, guys, they are not the same.

They do look deceptively similar in a bottle: /Don't forget to click on the pic to enlarge it!/

On the nail - not so much. Left to right: VR, SF, VR, SF.

VR has a different base color - it's a bit colder and has kinda milky quality to it.

Also, glitter is very different as well. VR has much bigger, even chunkier flecks of gold; while SF glitter is denser and more...infusable (it's certainly not a word).

Here, another pic to show the difference:
...And one more:
You see - chunks in VR and smooth golden infusion in SF.

Sorry to be a bearer of bed news for those who are on a quest for VR dupe.

/Do not tell anybody, but I prefer China Glaze - color-wise, it works better with my skin tone./