Tuesday, March 17, 2009

While supplies last...

Gotta love these words - "while supplies last". I truly loathe all the limited editions, special collections and limited quantities. Bottom line - these are just gimmicks making us to shell out our hard-earned dollars or euros, or rubles, or sand dollars - whatever your currency is.

But this is not the case here: China Glaze is discontinuing the most amazing holo-collection ever: Kaleidoscopes. I have no idea why. I imagine an evil nail dwarf, cackling at the idea of depriving us, girls, of great polishes. The same dwarf who is responsible for Elizabeth Arden killing off their line of polishes completely; the same dwarf who made sure that only the most boring and safe OPI colors will make it to Colorcopia.

Anyway, to the Kaleidoscopes. They are wonderful. Application is breezy; they are incredibly forgiving and flattering; they dry lighting fast and wear like iron. They come in two sets: Warm and Cool. And let me tell you, they mean it. I'm really warm and the colors from Cool set looked horrible on me. If you have not been blessed with a neutral skin tone, I suggest to stick with "your" set.

Onto the pictures.

The only color I have from the Cool set, Sexagon. Artsy!

(Corpse nails alert!) Silver cold holo is not my thing.

Unlike a true gold holo, It's My Turn:
It has some green bling to it. Isn't it amazing?

Spin Me Round, beige, but not a boring beige by any stretch of imagination:

I'd say, you can get away with this one in a non-conservative office environment.

Rated Holographic and Don't Be a Square are kinda similar. Both are just a bit boring, in my humble opinion. Rated Holographic is a beige-pinky and Don't be a Square is a pink-pinky. Here is Don't Be a Square:

Now I want to introduce you to my two favorites from this collection. They are very different, yet equally spectacular.

Visit Me in Prism - very delicate silver/beige/mauve, with a warm lilac undertones. The one and only polish I have a backup of.
Unfortunately, not the best picture.

Let's Do It in 3D is but delicate or modest. Va-va-voom, wowza etc.

If they made black fireworks, that would be it.

All in all - grab these colors if you have a chance. They even worth paying retail for them.