Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My name is Masa and I'm an admitted holoholic - part one

Masainn holo-evolution:

Before: Holo polishes are too much. They should be illegal to wear by anyone older than 20.

Now (approximately a year later): I want them all. All, and then some.

My first nail polish purchase since, I believe, October 2008 - Color Club holos. These polishes is a part of two different Color Club collections: Catwalk Queen and Femme Fatale. They are absolutely OMG-worthy.

See for yourself.

Fashion Addict. Lilac-silver holo, incredibly intense, and shiny, and driving hazardous. /Don't forget to click on a picture to see it full size/
Actually, it's more like a rainbow in a bottle, so "lilac and silver" is just to give you a vague idea of a base color.

Worth the Risque. Silver holo. Again, silver is just a base color, but this polish has so much more than silver to it!

Usually I cannot wear silver because they turn me into the Corpse Bride, but Worth the Risque is multicolored enough so I can pull it off (or can I?).


I saved the best one for desert. Revvvolution. Black holo, truly black and opaque one. It's so black that OPI My Private Jet looks mousy-brown compared to Revvvolution (bite me, Suzi!).

My husband the dearest says this color looks a bit like a teenager's car. Oh well. It might, but I don't care.

I have to tell you about the quality. Perfect. Amazingly easy application, great formula and a super-fast drying time. These are 3 thin coats and they were completely dry in no time at all. Actually, fast drying time is typical for all holos, but these were fast-drying champions. Really, I do not have any single complaint about these three. They are even work with Konad. I slapped something on my nails to show you the endless kitchy possibilities:

(I used one of China Glaze Romantiques for the purple design over Fashion Addict).

Kudos to Color Club and I hope they will give us more holos in all colors imaginable!

Color Club polishes are available from Head2Toe.

Special thanks to Queen Jedi for being my holo-guru and inspiration.