Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My name is Masa and I'm an admitted holoholic - part two

(my nails look a bit weird on this picture, but it was taken from underneath - the best way to show off a spectacular holo)

Gosh Holographic. Poor man Chanel Holo.

Note to all evil principals of the boarding schools - if you need to punish a kid, do not use whips. Whips are outdated. Use Gosh holo. I've never used a polish so difficult. For this manicure I did five very thin, very careful coats. Let a coat dry completely before applying a next one; otherwise it will wipe off all the layers you've applied so far. It's almost like coating your nails with metal micro-particles... or foil particles - very cool, but difficult to describe.

You don't need a top coat with this polish. Yes, it will peel off in 24 hours, but good news - you can just slap a quick blob over the dent and nobody will notice. The texture of the polish is extremely forgiving (think Terminator repairing him(it)self). Again - very, very cool. If you still want to use a top coat, be prepared: holo will dull a little; it will be absolutely matte until your top coat is absolutely dry.