Monday, March 23, 2009

Let's hear it for spring!

OK. This post actually should have being called something like "The frigging chameleon". Or "The worst photographing polish ever".

For the first day of school (yay! I had helluva fun during the spring break - think tax documents assembling and a school project) I decided to go with something really, really springy. Elizabeth Arden, Michigan Avenue Red.

This name is very deceptive, actually. It's not "red" red. It's a very tricky color - pinkish red or reddish pink (you decide). For some reason, Michigan Ave Red obviously has some self-esteem issues; I do not have any other explanation for its obvious camera hate. I took more than hundred (!) of pictures and none of them has came out exactly right; or even close to right color.

Let's see:
This extra blurry pic happens to represent color somewhat accurately. Mmm... I think it's more pinkish red that reddish pink. What do you think?

Under certain light it does look like a classic red, rather loud one:
Yep, this is the same polish.

What I do not like about this Arden (in addition to its photo issues, of course) - it's a jelly. Semi-opaque color; looks very much like a jam on your morning toast - even thou it's definitely colored, you can still see the toast under the layer of jam.. I do not like to see my nails through polish, even thou I admit the jelly effect can be pretty.

And, at the end, two close-ups. Thus little stubborn dude deserves them.

Thanks to the Cackling Polish Dwarf I love to blame on polish disappearances, this color is discontinued, along with the whole line of Arden polishes. The closest dupe I can think of is OPI Dutch Tulips. It is from the same pinkish-red family. I'm not sure about the photography issues; let me know if you have Dutch Tulips - I'm really curious if it runs in a family.

I also have an incredible spring pedicure - Misa Tender Pink. For obvious reasons I do not post pedi pics, but I will throw in an old mani picture.


I hope y'all having a nice spring!