Monday, August 18, 2008

Broken nail doesn't mean you have to file it up to the quick.

Couple of days ago I broke a nail on my left pinky - while vacuuming, arrgh! The tear was past the quick and pretty wide, almost to the middle of the nail. After kicking my vacuum cleaner for a while, I just let it go. Well, have you ever got a towel thread stuck in a teared nail? It hurts and it doesn't help the tear shrink. I have a choice: either file all the nails up to zero or try Swiss Silk Wraps recommended by my fellow Nail Boarder Ponchy.

Ponchy, thank you so much! You saved the day/nail.

SuperNail Swiss Silk Wrap Self-Adhesive Tabs look like nail-shaped pieces of silk (duh!) sandwiched together with a paper base. You cut a piece of a size you need with scissors; peel off the silk layer and apply it to the teared part of your nail. Patch holds by itself, but to make it completely secure, you will need ibd 5 Second Brush-On Gel Resin:

it looks like a miniature nail polish bottle. Brush up the patch with IBD, let it set for a couple of minutes - and you're done!

I'm pretty sure that there are other similar products on the market, but this one, as I said, was recommended by another nail fanatic, so I've decided not to reinvent the wheel.

Patch will serve you for about a month, withstanding non-acetone polish remover. Acetone will dissolve the gel; you'll have to reapply the patch.

Really, don't wait for a nail emergency, go to Sally's and keep these two products in your medicine cabinet.