Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quick comparison: OPI Eiffel For This Color vs Lincoln Park at Midnight

I've been weeding out duplicate colors recently (one cannot have infinite amount of polish, you know...). So I'm mad at myself now for getting Eiffel For This Color, for it's a dead-on dupe of OPI famous Lincoln Park At Midnight. There is a difference, but it's so insignificant that might not be enough even for a Nail Boarder.

To the pictures. Left to right: EFTC, LPAM and Rescue Beauty Lounge Film Noir (just because I like it, that is):

As you can see, the only difference is in shimmer, base colors are identical in both polishes. Eiffel has star-like shimmer inclusions, as opposed to all-over, evenly distribited shimmer in LPAD. /Beautiful Film Noir is absolutely flat and gorgeous/.

Another pic I purposefuly took with an exaggerated flash, to show off base colors:

See? LPAM is evenly shimmery, while Eiffel is flat with shimmer inclusions.

If you don't have either Effel or LPAM - take my advice and get the latter; formula is so much better.