Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My humble opinion on Fall collections

OK, now that we've seen almost all collections (except for Color Club - so far, I saw only promo images and teasers), let's discuss them!

This is definitely one of the best nail polish fanatics' falls ever.

My top:
3. Essie. There is my pillow? I'm falling asleep. Not that it's a bad collection - it's a solid one. But predictability and dupability factor is over the scale. See for yourself - Scrangie was nice enough to post comparisons, and almost all colors have twins, or at least close relatives.
2. Zoya. Pretty much the same as Essie. I gave Zoya 2nd place just because of Sloane - for I truly love this color and might even buy it. (Scrangie's wonderful pics are here.)
1. It's a tie between Misa and China Glaze. Or Chine Glaze and Misa, I don't know. Both companies came up with an array of season-related yet original colors.
I think I prefer ChG's formula - Misa was just a tad thick for me - and they have more colors I would wear.
Misa should get a bow, or trophy, or something for an absolutely fantastic Toxic Seduction. I would not wear it - it's 100% not my color - but I appreciate its beauty.

So far, this is my favorite from Rodeo Diva - Side-Saddle:

Misa's beauty - Toxic Sedaction:

As you can see, OPI is not even on my chart. I saw France collection in local Ulta today and, honestly, I think it sucks (forgive me for I don't have more appropriate word). After scrutinizing the display, I found just 2 bottles that seemed to be original - Tickle My France-y and You don't know Jacques! Other looked like a variation of old OPI colors for me. Somebody has to kick Suzi really hard and let her know that she's losing clients over lack of imagination. I might be wrong, but recently all OPI creative efforts go to the names of the polishes. Sad.

I'm still looking forward to see new colors from my credit card's worst enemy - Rescue Beauty Lounge. They should be available by mid-October.